Perfect the art of communication

Effective communication in business requires practice. We create live interactive simulations where participants are immersed in authentic conversations.



So much more than role play

Our team is uniquely qualified and specializes in improvisational interactions, blurring the lines between simulated role play and the real-world. Our workshops give participants actual experience, well beyond the traditional classroom approach.



Safe to explore

Participants explore interactions in a safe environment where adjustments and learning take place. Sensitive business communication is not an area for learning on the job where access and rapport are at stake.


Our workshops are the closest thing to reality without the jeopardy

The Simulations team raised the bar for our sales team. Thank you for making our experience spectacular!”

Our Approach Is Different

Immersion is key

Simulations are a higher-impact alternative to traditional educational formats. They are accurate working representations of reality - carefully designed replicas of business situations or medical cases - which afford participants the opportunity to explore their options before they're required to make those same crucial decisions in the real world.  

Our workshops provide you with an actual experience. Our approach is to focus on a crucial, often missed, next step - fully engaged realistic practice. We are the bridge between traditional classroom training and the moment you're asked to utilize skills out in the field. 

We employ a format that results in an unforgettable experience. In our live sessions, we immerse participants in a situation and guide them through the communication process. They then engage in such authentic conversation that they often forget that it is practice.

A key element in creating this environment is our use of highly-trained, professional actors who are experienced in bringing recognizable personas and a range of emotions to the exercise. Far beyond the traditional use of role play, with Simulations, participants come away with a true sense of what they will do differently tomorrow.