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Simulations, Inc. has over 30 years of experience serving pharmaceutical, biotech and  device clients, as well as the general business community.

Our Mission

To promote direct, effective, and superior communication for all business and medical professionals through real-world interactions with professional actors in experiential workshops.

Trusted and innovative partners in the Healthcare Industry, we are committed to being the premier supplier of essential management, selling skills, and standardized patient programs.

Our focus is on education with creativity and integrity, and we are keenly attentive to new ideas and methods.  We continue to root our success in our singular, unmatched, unrivaled ability to understand the markets in which our clients operate. 

By continuing to invent and forge unique ways to use our talented staff of professional actors, directors and teachers for the benefit of our clients, we have earned a national reputation for effectiveness.

Our Products

Simulations are high-impact alternatives to traditional educational formats.They are accurate working representations of reality - carefully designed replicas of  business situations or  medical cases - which afford participants the opportunity to explore their options before they are required to make crucial decisions in actuality. The Simulation process allows a complex skill to be learned, discussed and evaluated under controlled conditions.  

Live, or recorded, they provide an unforgettable format for imparting information and ideas to important audiences. They are used to convince discerning clients to use a particular product or service, to educate professionals and the public about new developments and procedures, and to provide the information and, in certain cases, the skills practice necessary to help participants to become more effective in their jobs.

Our History

Our company traces its beginnings to patient simulations at the Rutgers Medical School during the years 1975 to 1978. Margaret McGovern, a student in the Theatre Arts Department at Douglass College, Rutgers University, was among a group of students recruited to portray patients with a variety of ailments, for the training of medical students, and in continuing education programs for practicing Family Physicians conducted at the Medical School.

The project came to the attention of Roche Laboratories, which was about to introduce Limbitrol, a therapeutic agent for anxiety and depression. Roche reasoned that patient demonstrations would be valuable for their sales force to witness in preparation for detailing the new drug, which differed in rather  subtle ways from their existing products.

A group of the Rutgers simulators was hired for this project, which proved to be a great success. Roche then continued to employ  Margaret McGovern, who subsequently founded SIMULATIONS, INC.

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